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Meta Issues in Parapsychology

Today I took part in the monthly Society for Scientific Exploration member workshop. It was great to connect with folks I hadn’t seen in a while. I was given a slot to speak about our work and spent a little time talking about some of the “meta-issues” we regularly face while working in Edge Science.…

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Defending Psi

The term “parapsychology” and terms used to describe the experiences and phenomena it studies have caused great debate within the field. In 2018, Dean Radin, then president of the Parapsychological Association (PA), penned an article in Mindfield (the PA’s newsletter) titled, “Toward a New PA for the 21st Century,” in which he proposes a new…

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Rethinking Non-Human Animal Psi Research

The study of psychic abilities in non-human animals (AniPsi) has long been an interest of psi researchers. For an accessible overview of the field, see the Psi Encyclopedia article Animals in Psi Research by Michael Duggan. However, given the complexity of the research and the existence of other psi-based alternative explanations for observed results, are…

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