In the realm of scientific research, the pursuit of objectivity and impartial findings is of utmost importance. However, a complex
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October 17, 2023

Why I Use AI…

The following is an excerpt from my book Beyond the Physical: Ethical Considerations for Applied Psychic and Afterlife Science. In
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“Truth is not yet empty within this unintelligible shadowy cave. Your reality has been displaced, a chorus of millions of
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Introduction In the realm of parapsychology, a field dedicated to the exploration of paranormal phenomena, psi remains an enigmatic and
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November 1, 2022

Social Media Slow Down

Social media has never been great for our organizations. We have some followers across different platforms, but our reach has
A question I have been getting a lot recently is, “Why don’t you scientifically study physical mediumship?”The short answer is
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